Lightweight Age, Intelligent Manufacturing

As the automotive industry moves toward smart, lightweight and low-carbon energy-saving trends, automotive intelligent manufacturing has become a new direction for the industry. The automotive stamping industry faces enormous challenges and new opportunities. Since 2015, Automotive Stamping Congress (ASC) has successfully hold 3 years. The 4th Automotive Stamping Congress will be held in Chongqing on November 15-16, 2018. The scale of this forum will be further expanded. It is expected that the number of participants will reach 300, which will inject new vitality into the stamping industry.
With the theme of ‘Lightweight Age, Intelligent Manufacturing’, this forum will invite more experts from OEMs, parts and materials companies, equipment and automation companies and research institute and universities to focus on OEMs’ intelligent manufacturing trend, hot stamping technology, lightweight trend and smart mold, stamping automation and smart factory, analyze comprehensively the automotive stamping industry and explore new materials, new technologies and new markets, thus guiding the stamping industry to change from traditional to intelligent mode.

Lightweight Age, Intelligent Manufacturing

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  • The latest research progress, problems and countermeasures of hot stamping
  • Stamping forming technology for Audi's all-aluminum body
  • OEM’s Industry 4.0 technology application and intelligent production strategy
  • High-strength steel hot stamping production line and hot stamping technology
  • New energy vehicle stamping process and application of new materials in lightweight body
  • Technical progress of hot stamping forming furnace
  • Aluminum alloy hot stamping forming process
  • The improvement of hot stamping forming parts quality and function
  • Application of tool steel in hot stamping
  • Technical solution of partial heating process in tailored zone
  • Optimize mold design to improve stamping part quality and process efficiency
  • Development and research of aluminum plate body mold
  • Application of Simulation Technology in smart mold
  • Development and Application of Surface Treatment Technology for Automotive Stamping Dies
  • Thermoforming mold technology development and application
  • Domestic full servo high speed automatic press line technology
  • BYD automated press line production technology
  • Discussion on the overall solution of digital and intelligent workshop
  • Hydroforming process and technology development
  • Stamping part size precision control and rebound


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