Focusing on future stamping, building a smart factory

With the development of intelligent, lightweight and interconnected automotive technology, as well as the rapid expansion of traditional vehicle companies and the rapid involvement of new Internet-powered vehicles, China has entered into a critical period of reshuffle and transformation and upgrading. As the first of the four manufacturing processes, stamping is also facing a major change from the traditional production mode to the intelligent direction. Lightweight material upgrades, stamping process innovations, equipment intelligence and extensive market applications have increasingly become hot topics in the industry.
Facing the new trend of automobile manufacturing in the future, with the theme of “focusing on future stamping and building a smart factory” , the 5th Automotive Stamping Congress will be held in Shanghai on November 14-15, 2019. The conference will invite more domestic and foreign industry experts, complete vehicles, equipment and materials companies to discuss topics such as body planning and development trends, hot stamping and cutting, smart factories and molds. At the same time, the conference will also organize post-meeting exchanges and visits in order to promote exchange learning and cooperation.

Lightweight Age, Intelligent Manufacturing

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  • Latest developments and challenges in stamping processes, materials and equipment
  • Development and application of intelligent all-aluminum body technology
  • High-strength steel hot stamping forming process and development
  • Development and application of carbon fiber body materials
  • New energy vehicle stamping planning and light weighting
  • Thermoformed automotive parts manufacturing solutions
  • The latest technology and application of hot stamping furnace
  • The latest application of nitrogen gas spring in the stamping industry
  • Application of high speed laser cutting technology in hot stamping
  • Synchronous control technology for stamping robot
  • Digital smart factory and smart stamping
  • Development and design of stamping dies for large outer cover parts
  • Hot stamping forming die technology applied to automotive lightweight
  • Stamping shop automatic surface inspection system
  • Springback and compensation of aluminum sheet stamping die
  • Roundtable Discussion


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