In recent years, Chinese stamping companies have achieved great progress in both product and technology. Process engineering and forming equipment have also been developed by leaps and bounds. With remarkably improved manufacturing capacity and increasing international communication, the production scale has joined the front ranks of the world. However, auto sales in China remained subdued in the first half year of 2015, which made it a difficult period for auto parts companies Statistics shows that the number of vehicles sold in the first half of this year amounted to 118,503 million units, up 1.4 percent from the same period last year. However, there had been year-on-year and month-on-month decline s both in May & June. On the other hand, the output and sales volume of new-energy vehicles amounted to 78,500 and 71,000 units respectively, which increased by 2.4 and 3 times respectively. Such a strong increase indicates that the new-energy vehicle market is being activated despite a weak traditional auto market. Hence, where is the way-out for stamping industry? Transition and seeking changes have been gradually become the focus of attention. Automobile Stamping Summit 2015 will serve as a professional platform for stamping companies to contact, communicate and cooperate. With the theme of ‘focus on the development of automobile parts and seek the way-out for stamping industry’, the summit will analyze the development issues of stamping parts and equipment under ‘China manufacturing 2025’and discuss process engineering, forming equipment and materials under by comparing the current status quo of stamping industry at home and abroad.

We would like to invite experts, scholars, industry peers and customers related to the stamping industry to attend this summit to seek business opportunities and discuss hot issues. Key issues to be covered

Highlights of 2015 Annual Summit:

  • 10 famous speakers and 150 industry peers
  • Covering latest and hot issues
  • Efficient and interactive session helping you meet industry peers