Global automotive industry hasentered into a highly efficient, low-carbon, energysaving, and environmental protection stage. As one of the four important process of automobile manufacturing, automotive stamping technologyhasbeen constantly seeking innovation and breakthrough. Chinese stampingmanufacturers have made great achievements in stamping products, technical research, processing techniques, forming equipment and manufacturing capacity. Domestic and international exchanges have also become increasingly frequent. At the same time, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and increasingly stringent safety rules and environmental regulations, the demand for lightweight automobile body materials has become more urgent, ultrahigh-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, as well as engineering plastics, and carbon fibers are widely used in auto manufacturing.

Although concepts like ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Made in China 2025’ have long been popular, how to drive the development of automotive lightweight while achieving intelligent and efficient stamping and confirming to the development trend of the global auto industry has become a prominent issue of growing concern to everyone.

Based on the previously successful experience, Automotive Stamping Summit 2016 will provide a platformforstampingenterprisestocontact, communicate, exchange and cooperate with each other. With the theme of ‘focus on intelligent stamping technology, drive the development of automotive lightweight’, we will invite renowned experts from automotive stamping industry to explore the stamping processes, equipment, materials and practical applications, in order to promote the development of advanced body stamping technology towards the international level.

Key issues to be covered

  • Discussion on stamping developmenttrendand manufacturing processesofthefuturecar
  • OEM’s automatic stamping and lightweight of automobile
  • Latest researches on hot-stamping technologies and application of ultrahigh-strength steel panels
  • Key manufacturing technologies of aluminum alloy auto parts
  • Applicationsofhot stamping technology to the automotive body
  • Advanced servo technologies and stamping factory for aluminum body
  • Technologiesandmaintenanceofaluminum mold forautomotivecoverings
  • Digital and intelligent stamping measurement technology application

Highlights of 2016 Annual Summit

  • 20 well-known speakers and more than 200 industry peers
  • Covering the latest hot topics of automotive stamping industry
  • Efficient one-on-one meeting helps you quickly know the industry partners
  • Pre-arranged post-event visit takes you into the stamping factory