November 16
  • Car Body Materials and Car Lightweight:
    0830 Opening Speech
  • 0900 Automotive Lightweight and Security, the Development and Future Application of Car Body Materials Research
    Chen Changnian, Senior Consultant, China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology

  • 0930 BMW Group 's Body Material Selection Strategy
    Yuan Mingzhang/Ingo Von Wurmb, Press Shop Director/ Senior Manager Technical Planning Press Shop, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

  • 1000 The Latest Technology of Aluminum Stamping to Help the Car Lightweight
    Sun Weijian, Engineering Center Materials Engineering Minister , Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.

  • 1030 Tea Break

  • 1045 The Latest Application of Ultra - high Strength Steel in Hot Stamping Process
    Dong Han, Associate Dean, CISRI

  • 1115 BMW carbon fiber composite materials and forming technique
    BMW Group

  • 1145 Connection Technology and Performance Evaluation of Aluminum Alloy for Automobile
    Zhou Jia, Lightweight Center Director, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.

  • 1215 Roundtable discussion: The Development Trend of Car Body Material
    The Production and Application of Carbon Fiber
    Selection and Technical Difficulties of Development for UltraHigh Strength Steel Plate Material
    Development Prospect of Magnesium Aluminum Alloy in Body Application
    The Car Body Lightweight Realization Way and Cost Control

  • 1215 Luncheon
November 16
    • Stamping Automation and Intelligent Factory
      1400 The Latest Application of Dynamic Simulation Technology on Stamping Lines
      SAIC-GM Automotive Co., Ltd.

    • 1430IntelligentAutomotive Factory and Stamping Automation Solution
      Sun Guanglu, Senior Manager, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.

    • 1500 Advanced servo presses and high efficiency stamping production line
      Mark Curtis, Body Construction - Senior Manager,Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co.,Ltd.

    • 1530 Tea Break

    • 1545 High Speed, Flexible Stamping Automation Solution
      Pauli Järvinen, Senior Vice President, ABB

    • 1615 Roundtable discussion:
      The General Idea of Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop Construction
      How to optimizeIntelligent Factory Management to Realize the Cost reduction andEfficiency Increasing
      Application and Development of Liquid FillingProcess
      The Development Trend of Stamping Automation

    • 1715 End of Day One
November 17
  • Hot Forming Process and Intelligent Mold
    0900 The Latest Research and Application of Intelligent and Informatization Technology for Car Cover Mold
    Tong Yaping, Stamping Planning Manager, Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd.

  • 0930 The Latest Progress in Heat Treatment Technology for Hot Stamping

  • 1000 How to Achieve Stamping Control in Hot Forming Process
    Lin Jianping, Professor, Tongji University

  • 1030 Tea Break

  • 1045 Application of Metal 3D Printing Technology in Automobile Mold Production

  • 1115 Thermoforming Process and Car Body Lightweight Solution
    QiuZhuqing, Stamping Manager, Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd.

  • 1145 Roundtable discussion:
    Automobile Thermoforming Cost and Quality Control
    Application of Cold Stamping Technology in Future Body Manufacturing
    How to Make OEMs and Mold Enterprises to Know theLatest Technology and Needs
    Future Opportunities and Challenges of Domestic Stamping Mold Enterprises

  • 1215 Luncheon
November 17  PM
  • One to One:Please tell us your demand, our staff will arrange the invitation and field pairing
    Site Visit:Visit SAIC-GM Automotive Jinqiao Factory or Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Changshu Factory