Driven by the "Made in China 2025" and industrial 4.0, the global automotive industry has gradually entered the intelligent information era. In this context, the transformation of the automobile industry has brought new opportunities for industry development. Facing the dual challenges of the environment and energy, automotive lightweight, new body materials and intelligent factories have become the industry benchmark. How to bring "lightweight" and "intelligent" and other concepts into the existing stamping production line, is also an urgent problem to be solved.

Based on the previously successful experience, Automotive Stamping Congress2017 adhering to provide you with rich social and interactive opportunities, wewil arrange one-to-one platform exchange, stamping workshop visits and other activities. The theme of conference will be:“Lightweight battle ”in the manufacturing era, we will invite renowned experts from automotive stamping industry to explore the latest technology, such as: the optimization of workshop management, intelligent manufacturing and the realization of car lightweight by new technologies, new processes, new equipment, etc. By doing so, we can promote the development of body stamping technology towards the international level together.

Highlights of 2017 Annual Summit:

  • 20 well-known speakers and more than 300 industry peers
  • Covering the latest hot topics of automotive stamping industry
  • Efficient one-to-one meeting helps you quickly know the industry partners
  • Pre-arranged post-event visit takes you into the stamping factory