With the rapid development of China's large-span bridges and increasingly obvious heavy-duty traffic characteristics, bridge deck pavement, especially steel deck pavement, has become the focus of attention in the industry. Deck pavement technology and quality also play a key role in improving the service life, traffic capacity, safety, comfort and durability of the bridge structure.

       With the theme of "better bridge deck pavement and more durable bridge", 2nd Heavy Duty Asphalt and Deck Pavement Technology Conference will be held on August 27-28 in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Provincial, in order to better promote the application of bridge deck pavement technology. The conference will invite many experts to discuss the technical difficulties of steel bridge deck pavement. The topics mainly related to the status of bridge deck pavement at home and abroad, the structural form of bridge deck pavement, design standards and methods of bridge deck pavement, bridge deck construction technology and equipment, composite cast asphalt concrete pavement, epoxy asphalt pavement, super High-performance concrete UHPC pavement, bridge deck waterproof and anti-corrosion materials, intelligent maintenance and testing technology, other new bridge deck pavement technologies, new materials, new processes, new equipment, etc.

  • Research on the status quo of bridge deck pavement technology at home and abroad

  • Structural design and index system of composite pouring asphalt pavement

  • GMA Casting Asphalt Concrete Steel Deck Pavement Complete Technology and Engineering Application

  • Discussion on Design System and Technical Standards of Bridge Deck Pavement

  • Present status and future development of asphalt and bridge deck pavement technology

  • Roundtable Discussion: Discussion on the latest technology and problems of bridge deck pavement

  • Epoxy asphalt pavement reconstruction maintenance design and disease repair

  • The latest technology and material application for the steel deck pavement of Hutong Yangtze River Bridge

  • Development and application of waterproof and anticorrosive materials for bridge deck pavement

  • The latest research and application of ultra-high performance concrete UHPC pavement

  • Development and application of the latest materials for heavy-duty asphalt and bridge deck pavement

  • Bridge deck pavement and transportation infrastructure intelligent management technology

  • Development and Research of Key Construction Equipment for Bridge Pavement

  • Analysis of preventive maintenance countermeasures for steel bridge deck pavement

  • Bridge deck pavement quality test and inspection technology-achievements and development

  • Roundtable Discussion: Intelligent construction, maintenance and detection technology