The promotion of new energy vehicles during China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) is drawing to a close, 13th Five-Year Plan(2016-2020) is also upcoming. In order to complete the promotion target of 5 million new energy vehicles by 2020, lots of policies have been introduced or are in the pipeline, further encouraging new energy automobile industry to make healthy and orderly progress and leading the systemic transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. In retrospect of 2015, the Chinese government has issued more that 10 preferential policies including releasing traffic restriction and purchasing restriction. With fast development and increasing production and sales volume, Chinese has ranked the world’s largest new energy automotive market. However, a lot of problems and difficulties reveals as the market presenting leapfrog development. Short of core technologies and car components, safety and reliability of power batteries, inadequate electric charging facilities and smart power grid. Meanwhile, OEMs and key auto parts manufacturers will face increasing pressure to reduce costs as gov't to continue subsidies for new energy car purchases. What’s more, the innovation of operation mode and business model will also become one of the outstanding issues to be resolved.
        In order to solve these questions, with the theme of ‘focus on efficient dynamics, lightweight and intelligent, lead the development of new energy vehicles’, 2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Congress 2016 will discuss power batteries, powertrain, key components, new materials, electrification, intelligent trend, operation mode and business model. With the attention to both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, we will invite OEMs and key auto parts manufacturers at home and abroad to give advice and suggestions for green traffic and future global competition.

  • New energy vehicles pilot program and innovation of business model
  • Strategic prospects for European OEMs by 2025
  • Problems of new energy bus development and future
  • Power battery management system of electric vehicles
  • Power battery safety performance and life-cycle management
  • Technology innovation of hydrogen cell vehicle industry
  • Powertrain and key auto parts
  • Light weight body materials and auto chassis

  • 24 Famous speakers from abroad and at home as well as 150 industry peers
  • 6 forums covering the whole hot issues related to new energy vehicle industry
  • Efficient and interactive session helping you make acquaintance with industry
  • One to one meeting providing plenty cooperation opportunities