With the rapid development of infrastructure construction in China, bridge deck pavement, especially steel bridge deck paving technology, is being widely used. Under heavy-duty traffic conditions, bridge deck pavement safety and service life, comfort and social effects have become the focus of attention. Therefore, the bridge deck construction technology and quality directly determine the durability of the bridge deck and other properties.

       In order to better promote the development of the industry, with the theme of ‘Improving Bridge Deck Pavement Technology for better bridges’, the 2019 Heavy Duty Asphalt and Deck Pavement Technology Conference will be held in Zhuhai from August 1st to 2nd. The conference will invite domestic and foreign paving technical experts to discuss the technical problems of bridge deck pavement. Main topics include: Development status of bridge deck pavement technology at home and abroad、New technology and application of cast asphalt、Case study of currently under construction or completed bridge deck pavement application、Epoxy asphalt pavement、Modified asphalt SMA pavement、Ultra-thin polymer steel bridge deck pavement、Bridge deck pavement anti-corrosion & waterproof、Application development of bridge deck pavement maintenance construction and other new materials, new technologies and new equipment.

  • Development status of bridge deck pavement technology at home and abroad

  • New technology and application of cast asphalt

  • Performance and Application Technology of Hot Mix Epoxy Asphalt Bridge Deck Pavement

  • Bridge deck pavement technology and application of Shishouqiao, Hubei

  • Current Status and Future Development of Zhuhai Asphalt and Deck Pavement Technology

  • Development and application of new steel bridge deck pavement materials

  • Steel bridge deck modified asphalt SMA paving technology

  • Key Technology and Application of Asphalt Anti-segregation Pavers

  • The latest application and development of bridge deck paving waterproof membrane

  • Cast asphalt pavement durability and waterproof properties

  • Key technology of ultra-thin polymer steel bridge deck pavement

  • Research on Asphalt Pavement Repair Technology of Long Span Steel Bridge Deck

  • High toughness cold mixed resin steel bridge deck paving maintenance material and construction technology

  • Research on multi-dimensional inspection and evaluation system for steel bridge deck pavement

  • Observation and Study on Paving Performance of Composite Casting Asphalt Steel Bridge Deck of Long Span Suspension Bridge