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    Shanghai Banghe Information and Technology Company Limited is a leading event company specializing in planning and organizing summits, congresses, conferences, public trainings, outbound and inbound business travels etc. for decision makers of local blue chip companies and leading companies of the world.

     Our services and products are designed and delivered cross a wide range of industries. We are always concerned with the different sectors of the market-oriented strategy and business development and eyeing on evolving market insights and developing business strategies in this dynamic economic world.

     Therefore, an open, dynamic and interactive business platform is provided for participants from different backgrounds to help customers gain experience sharing and exchange of business opportunities.

    We have a strong team of professionals allows us to obtain first-hand the industry leader in information, understand their strengths, experience and needs. We are dedicated to assisting you to get hold of the valuable competitive advantages and play outsmart.


Sinoasphalt ( ) , as the earliest vertical professional portal website of asphalt industrial in China, was founded in 2006, which is technically supported by Subcommittee 1 on Asphalt Concrete of National Technical Committee on Concrete of Standardization Administration of China.

Sinoasphalt is a industrial portal website with high popularity, credibility and influence, covering asphalt refinery, construction units, traders, road materials, municipal units, equipment providers, etc. Sinoasphalt ranking as the top one in Baidu asphalt search throughout the year, was known as “The First Stop of Asphalt Industrial Chain”in the industry.

Support Units





    Hansoo Road Industry Co., Ltd.

        The main activity of Hansoo Road Industry Co., Ltd. is manufacture, development and selling of asphalt modifiers and road repair materials for different kinds of road pavement. With more than 20 years experience we have been reliable supplier who constantly improves and developes personal skills, supplied products and manufacturing technologies.         We have know-how on research developments, among them: ultra-thin asphalt pavement method (less than 2cm), epoxy asphalt for bridge pavement, environment friendly cold patch asphalt (no VOCs), asphalt modifiers (RMC, CSM), high elastic asphalt and etc.     Our products are exported to different countries, such as Philippines, Sweden, France, Czech republic, Romania and etc., but we’d like to expand our opportunities and start selling our products in other countries.     We are confident in supplied products and guarantee high quality.

        Sika entered China mainland in 1993. Due to the continued expansion of Sika in China, our headquarter Sika (China) Ltd. has moved to a new facility in Suzhou industry park in 2007, while a brand new Technology Competence Center was also built. Today, Sika operates 10 production factories and marketing & sales network through out China, produces and sells a full range of construction materials, including advanced PC concrete admixture (Viscocrete®), PVC Waterproofing membrane system, PU sealant, all kinds of industrial flooring materials, grouting materials, strengthening and repairing & protection materials etc. Sika provides total solutions from roof to floor and strong technical support.
       Besides for various construction purposes, Sika products are also widely used in the industrial manufacturing. Sika supplies bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcement solutions to auto manufacturing and repair, and reliable and durable waterproofing sealing solutions to marine. Meanwhile, Sika also supplies glass curtain walls, doors and window manufacturing, the sandwiches panel, wind power generation equipment, and other electrical & Industrial components with innovative design and system solutions.
       With excellent quality and product diversification, Sika is a market leader in China. Professional technical support and good service to our customers is our permanent commitment.

       Sika’s commitment to innovative solutions is designed to fulfill certain basic human needs: protection against the natural elements, clean water, dependable energy supplies, advanced transport infrastructures, maintaining the value of our buildings, safer and faster travel. Sika is constantly adapting its products and systems to the changing requirements of its customers and end users - and in so doing is continually extending the range of applications. This corresponds with Sika’s corporate mission statement: “We strengthen the positions of excellence which we have reached and develop new success potentials by constantly renewing and improving our products, systems and procedures.”

        Sika’s research and development activities are likewise conducted on the principle “think global, act local”. The company’s central R&D facility in Switzerland is supported by regional technology centres in Germany, France, the USA, Malaysia and Japan. This structure facilitates the rapid transfer of technology and know-how, provides close contact with the marketplace and enables new research results to be implemented world - wide without delay. Sika regards itself as a “multi-domestic” company, which puts the needs of local customers at the very centre of its business activities. The company’s products and systems, backed by comprehensive service packages, are strictly tailored to local market needs.
    Shenzhen Asianway Corrosion Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Bond Mateials Co. Ltd
          Bond Mateials Co. Ltd (BMC) is a subsidiary of Bonding Technologies Australia (BTA) Pty Ltd. Located in the National Economic & Technological Development District in Guangzhou, China, it is a state-certified high-tech company specializing in providing professional solutions, high quality products and comprehensive services for industrial adhesives, road paving and building construction materials. With a strong commitment to technology innovation and environmental-protection, BMC has advanced laboratory and production equipment to meet the demands of R&D, production, technical support and services. The company's business activities are throughout China and the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, exploring business opportunities globally.        Our mission is to meet the customers’ needs and market demand, share the values of cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions and together create a better future.  
          Ningbo Tianyi Steel Deck Pavement Technlogy Co,Ltd.specializes in resin asphalt steel deck pavement technology,is founded in 2009 at Ningbo high tech zone,It fcuses on steel deck pavement and resin asphalt material research and development.        Tianyi is the original inventor of ERS steel bridge deck pavement Technology,It has received several patents such as ERS steel deck pavement technology,runner-style full scale accelerated load testing machine ,steel bridge deck strengthening technology and etc. We edited the national transportation industry standard JT/T1131-2017”steel deck pavement with cold resin asphalt”.In 2017,ERS Steel deck pavement technology was selected as “China key energy-saving low-carbon technology promotion catalogue “,In 2012,Tianyi was rewarded first prize by China Highway and Transportation Society for inventing ERS steel deck pavement technology.        Tianyi has constructed more than 60 major bridges in China and South America using ERS technology ,including jia Shao bridge,Xiang shan port bridge,yichang Yangtze River bridge,Liaohe River bridge, Liede bridge,150 fabric bridges in peru.        Tianyi has established a complete steel deck pavement technology genre with its own intellectual property rights and is recognized as one of the major steel deck pavement technologies in China.  
          爱思开沥青(上海)有限公司是韩国SK集团的全资子公司,SK集团是韩国第三大集团公司,旗下拥有蔚山和仁川两个石油炼厂,SK沥青在中国进口沥青市场占据第一。         公司通过位于宁波、重庆、合肥,日照等地及其他区域内代理商的生产基地为全国客户提供优质的特种改性沥青。  
          贵港市高速矿业有限公司于2011年11月成立,注册资金2000万元。是一家专业做辉绿岩、玄武岩开采加工、销售于一体的矿业公司。公司位于广西贵港市木梓镇石牛岭石场,是由广东省玄武岩生产基地(小塘雄风石场)原班团队10多年沉淀精心打造精品沥青碎石示范基地。我们致力于打造成绿色、环保、安全的矿山企业;我们采用世界先进的大型自动化生产设备、除尘设备和水洗设备,反击破和整形设备,确保石料产品达到各种技术指标要求,适用于高速公路、市政工程、地铁隧道、桥梁等沥青路面工程的配料供应。        公司在技术上专注于优质石料开采,通过严格的生产管理和质量安全保证体系,本着“质量第一、优质服务、诚实守信”的经营理念,力求做市政工程、大型工程的最佳碎石供应商。目前石料的销售主要以贵港为中心,向两广地区提供大量优质的玄武岩,石料质量高、储存量大、运输方便、快捷,得到大量客户的认可和肯定。  
          Sasobit®是一种全球领先的聚烯烃类石油沥青改性剂。Sasobit®可显著改善沥青的温度敏感性,实现基质沥青的改性增强;它能大幅降低热拌混合料所需的拌和及施工温度,是浇筑式沥青最佳的降粘剂。目前Sasobit®已被世界各国的路桥工程企业广泛了解和接受,主要用于公路、桥梁和机场跑道的建设和养护。著名的港珠澳大桥项目应用了Sasobit®。 深圳路奇材料科技有限公司是南非沙索集团公司官方授权的Sasobit®经销商,是一家专门从事Sasobit®沥青改性剂销售、推广及售后服务的高科技企业,具有丰富的行业经验和科技实力,可以根据客户的需求提供专业化的沥青改性解决方案。  
    GCP Applied Technologies
          GCP is a leading global provider of construction products technologies that include additives for cement and concrete, high-performance waterproofing products, and specialty systems. GCP products have been used to build some of the world’s most renowned structures. More information is available