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Conference Background

Through Years’ Practice, World Automobile Industry Insiders have reached common views: in technical respect within short period(the year 2010-2015), to meet strict energy-saving legal rules, it needs to depend on internal-combustion engine technology upgrade & promote vehicel lightweight to realize oil consumption reduction, meanwhile, it also needs to widely utilize HEV technolgoy & develop EV & Plug-In HEV. In technical respect within middle period(the year 2015-2020), with HEV technology wide application, it needs to improve vehicle power electrification level & EV & HEV promotion. In technical respect within long-term period(the year 2020-), it needs to realize EV as mainstream mode.To reach global same level regarding passenger vehicle oil consumption economy, to the year of 2020, it is inevitable that HEV should be the highlights. In the process, it could benefit conventional vehicle energy-saving.In technical respect, HEV technology is now near mature. At present, HEV technology has brought product industrialization & vehicle sales growth. Benefit from China New Energy Vehicle good policy, “Chuangyu Automotive Confernce Team” will hold “China International EV&HEV Technology Congress” in Shanghai on March 11th-12th 2014. At our congress, around 200 delegates will have discussions over policy,electric motor, battery & electric control technology.

Conference Highlights

  1. Power Battery,Electric Vehicle Motor & Vehicle Control Experts Gathering
  2. Global Perspective on China Market Potential & Opportunity
  3. EV & HEV Industry Chain Coverage
  4. Production, Study, Research & Application Communiation Platform
  5. Seminar & New Products Showcase Effective Combination
  6. Global New Energy Vehicle Typical Showcase

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