China International EV&HEV Technology Congress



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Time   Event Arrangement
Day One March 11th
Day One Morning

Industry Development & Policy Stream

1.China’s Electric Vehicle Development Status & Challenge
2.Drivers and Conditions for Electric Vehicles Diffusion
3.China Market Acceptance Improvement to New Energy Vecicle ASEAN Automotive Industry, Status, Outlook and Opportunities
4.Electric Vehicle: Energy Alternative & Innovation
Day One March 11th
Day One Morning

Power Battery Development Status

1.Vehicle Power Battery Technology & Challenge
2.Energy & Power Lithium-ion batteries Technology Research
3.Passenger Electric Vehicle Requirement to Power Battery
4.New System Power Battery Technology Research
5.48V Lithium-Ion Battery System Design Standard
6.Power Battery Thermal Management: Low-Cost & High-Energy
7.Modeling and Simulation of Li-Ion Batteries
Day Two March 12th
Day Two Afternoon

Electric Vehicle Motor Technolgy Stream

1.HEV Powertrain Technology Line
2.Integrated HEV Power Assembly System Development
3.Power Assembly Cost Reduction & Performance Improvement
4.HEV Power Electrification New Challenge
5.Module Hybrid Transmission
Day Two March 12th
Day Two Afternoon

Vehicle Control System Integration Stream

1.HEV Control Systrm Development Technology
2.PHEV Commercial Vehicle Integration Control Research
3.Network & Intelligence Realization on Vehicle Integration Control System
4.Kinetic Energy Recovery System