We are dedicated to the development of new energy Automotiveindustry. Our events are officially endorsed and co-organized by government organization or related association aiming to encourage industry development and innovation in new energy Automotivesector.

• China International EV-HEV Technology Congress

2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Congress


AMPC 2016

    During the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), China’s highway construction will enter the final stage. Increasing demand for conservation has brought great opportunities for China’s road maintenance.

    APMC 2016 is officially supported or co-organized by relevant associates, aiming to encourage industrial development and innovation.

    AMPC 2016 is coming soon. Please contact us for more details.



    2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Congress

Today, plans for new energy Automotiveare a key aspect of the country's aim for economic growth. Now, go register your interests in the 2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Congress.

2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Congress 2016

30th-31st, March 2016

Shanghai, China


Automotive Stamping Summit

    Organized together with AntingShanghai International AutomotiveCity, the Automotive Stamping Summit 2016 is One of the biggest event of its type in China and it's surely the must attend event for commercial and technical executives exploring business opportunities in this industry.

Automotive Stamping Summit 2016

17th-18th, November 2016




We provide a comprehensive list of Brand and Market Research throughout Asia Pacific region with partnering industrial leaders.


We produce premium conferencs, exhibitions, training courses, etc... for business personnel across a wide range of industrial sectors.


    With the headquarter in Shanghai, Shanghai Banghe Information & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industry media service provider and event organization. With the aim to spread industry knowledge, organize academic and technology seminars as well as trade exchanges, we provide opportunities including business development, marketing promotion and learning expertise for local industries at home and abroad and global enterprises by planning and organizing industrial activities, public trainings, outbound and inbound business travels etc.
    With a strong team of professionals, we can provide you with high-level platforms through cooperating with governments, industry associations and professional organizations. We can also ensure you that each Banghe event is professional and highly targeted, satisfying industrial demand and assisting local industries and large enterprises to get hold of the valuable competitive advantages.


    To expand the scope of our products and services, we are always ready to cooperate with our potential partners, domestically and internationally. We firmly believe that the success of our clients is the biggest achievement of ours.
    Conference, seminars and training courses are the major product line of our business. For every single event, we will form a specific project team to be responsible for its production, promotion and operations. To ensure the quality of our events, our research team conducts huge amount of cross-industry research tasks to find the right topic at the right time for the right audience.


    We clearly know that achievements depend on employees career development so that we have devoted so many resources and efforts into helping our employees to succeed. To become one of the best employers all over the world, we are offering various trainings and introducing a wide range of work modes to encourage you develop a career instead of only working here. We are sure that your career will be beneficial for your whole life.


    We have a strong team of professionals allows us to obtain first-hand the industry leader in information, understand their strengths, experience and needs. We are dedicated to assisting you to get hold of the valuable competitive advantages and play outsmart.


     With a constant focus on groundbreaking academics and collaborative networking opportunities, our events are leading the way in providing innovative solutions with input from experts in every field. Annually attended by thousands of professionals and companies from across offshore & marine, oil & gas, nuclear power and etc..., Banghe is for your every business-building need, and the only convergence of the entire industry under one roof.

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1. Automotive Stamping Summit 2016

2. Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Conference 2016

3. 2nd China International EV-HEV Technology Summit will be held on March 30-31,2016 in Shanghai, China

4. 2015 Automotive Stamping Summit has successfully concluded on November 20